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Job Posting: Preservation Carpentry Instructor
North Bennet Street School (NBSS), a traditional trades career training school in Boston, seeks an experienced preservation carpenter and instructor in the two -year preservation carpentry program to begin in August 2015. The program teaches adults entering the trade the theory and practice of...
An Interview with Andrea Sevonty
Women, especially petite, are not encouraged to follow a hands-on job trend.  I gained confidence and ability at Belmont... [went] off on my own and have my own business specializing in stained and leaded glass.
2015 ITES in Review
In May, on the campus of Savannah Technical College, a small group of preservationists gathered to discuss recent trends in the field of trades education.  Longtime PTN activist, Rudy Christian, led off the symposium discussing the role of non-institutional education in the teaching of the...
The Value of the Network
Back in September, having just driven back to New England from the IPTW in Ohio, I was at a RFP meeting at a site in Connecticut.  There were several other contractors there, but none that I immediately recognized. We all did the introduction game and proceeded to mill around, waiting for the...
Patrick Kennedy
I grew up in central Kentucky and we always lived in older houses so I got a feel for old houses early on. When I was a teenager we moved to Northern KY and later it was here I got my start in historic preservation. I worked for a Mick Noll who was converting an old firehouse into a restaurant. I...
Craig Farrow
My interest in building replicas of 17th and 18th century American furniture began in 1972 from a Humanities professor of mine in college who introduced me to period tools and early American furniture.I started gathering tools, studying styles, design and construction, visiting museums and historic...