Askins Achievement Award

Patrick Kennedy

2018 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

2018 Askins Achievement Award Recipient.  Under construction.

Jim Turner

Jim Turner

2017 Askins Achievement Award

"I grew up passing through these magnificent neighborhoods in the city, riding in the car and gazing up at these large houses that we never thought we could obtain while we drove to Belle Isle," says Turner. "It set a dream that was ultimately fulfilled."

Carol Heidschuster

Carol Heidschuster

2016 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"This is very important, the Cathedral has an ongoing restoration programme for at least the next 25 years. Our major stonemasonry projects use in the region of 100 tonnes of Lincoln Limestone per year."

David Hayles

2015 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

When someone mentions the word "scagliola" in name comes to mind:  David Hayles.  Few men have had such a profound impact on their specialty in the Preservation Trades as David. 

David R. Mertz

David R. Mertz

2014 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Every academic professor who has built a program in these United States has referenced this man and his work. Which means that every student who has been through an academic trade education program has been influenced by this man."

Duffy Hoffman

2013 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"His goal in life is clearly to promote the historic trades by using his expertise in painting and other restoration skills to educate anyone who is interested in learning, and even those who aren’t!"

Simeon Warren

2012 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Simeon represents a rare combination of qualities – a visionary and artist with a long view of the role and the value of the trades – and a pragmatic and immensely focused determination to doing the hard work and consensus building required to help bring about a bright future for the trades."

Dominic DeRubis

2011 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Dominic DeRubis is uncompromising and demanding of his own work and when when it comes to masonry training; he expects the best out of his students and has the ability to inspire mastery of the trade; those are the very qualities that make him a Master."

Neil Rippingale

2010 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"His ability to inspire, willingness to learn and passion for drystone deserves recognition.  His combinations of skills, gained from an agricultural background and worldwide experience makes him probably the most qualified drystone project manager in the US, possibly in the world."

Robert Adam

2009 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Robert Adam has been a tireless advocate for thorough skills training in traditional building trades for more than thirty years."

David Gibney

2008 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"He has raised the bar and challenged others to the task. His ethics in practicing his craft are at a master skill level, promoting him as a driving force in moving the preservation trades forward."

Dr. Gerard C.J. Lynch

2007 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Gerard is well respected by his peers for never forgetting his craft back ground or where he came from and indeed can jaw at any level from Craft to Academic."

Earl Barthé

2006 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"He is not only a master preservation plasterer of extraordinary skill and artistry, he is a craftsman who has great love for his traditional trade, takes great pride in high standards of excellence in craftsmanship, and has worked tirelessly to teach, preserve, and pass on his traditional skills to future generations of tradesmen."

Joseph Jenkins

2005 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Joe is a true connoisseur of roofing skills and has studied and researched roofing structures from all over the world."

John William Laing

2004 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"As an educator at Edinburgh’s Telford College, John Laing has dedicated his life to sustaining the trowel trades in Scotland, in particular, plasterwork. He has also played an important role in bringing the techniques of historic plasterwork to trades people, architects, and conservators in the United States."

Jimmy Price

2003 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"His work in bringing the traditions of the production and use of lime putty mortar has been a contribution of extraordinary value to the conservation of our common cultural heritage."

Bill Gichner

2002 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Throughout his career Bill Gichner worked tirelessly to advance the trade, or art, of blacksmithing by formally and informally teaching the subject everywhere he could."

Lisa Sasser

2001 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Since 1987, she has helped to develop training programs, and instructed workshops in preservation philosophy and "hands on" preservation methods for federal agencies, universities, and state and local groups."

Rudy R. Christian

2000 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Many people become less accessible as they accumulate advanced knowledge, experience and skill and as their services become more in demand. Rudy has maintained an openness and a commitment to community building that is exemplary within the PTN community."

John Fugelso

1999 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"He consistently strives to share his knowledge and experiences with his broad base of professional colleagues, unskilled youth, and in general, with anyone who will listen."

James S. (Jim) Askins

1998 Askins Achievement Award Recipient

"Jim Askins completed formal apprenticeship programs in both carpentry and cabinetmaking, and is considered by many preservationists to be a leading expert on the technical aspects of construction, restoration and maintenance required for historic preservation."