Grave Marker and Monument Cleaning and Repair Workshop

WHAT: MAS-03 Workshop (3 days)
WHEN: June 21 to 23, 2017; 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily
WHERE: Craftwork Training Center, 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969; 215-536-1776
PRICE: $1000

·        The workshop fee includes our Graveyard Kit (a value of $350 worth of restoration materials) and a $250 credit toward future purchases of materials (valid within one year of the workshop).

·        Register online at:
Or call 215-536-1776 to register by phone.

While cemeteries are often considered to be perpetual, their most prominent feature, the grave markers, are not. Deferred maintenance usually accelerates the deterioration of gravestones which can result in safety hazards. To implement preservation and stabilization measures, workshop participants will be introduced to our Graveyard Kit and practice working with a combination of the products. Hands-on exercises demonstrate the steps to prepare a natural field-mixed glue to repair small broken stone elements; using Waterglass to consolidate friable masonry; and patching stone cracks and repairing details using Lithomex to match the composition, design, color, and texture of the grave marker. Additional subjects covered include removing severe soiling and staining from grave markers, methods to remove natural growth, treatments to repair delaminated grave markers, and reattachment of detached fragments using pins for reinforcement and patching to compensate for losses. Our preservation practices attempt to keep monuments from deteriorating further, respect the significance of original materials and details, and stabilize, repair, and retain features wherever possible to ensure their safekeeping for future generations.

Preservationist and conservator Robert Mosko will lead this hands-on workshop at a historic cemetery in New Hope, PA. Robert has worked in more than 56 cemeteries--restoring, repairing, preserving, and conserving more than 4,000 gravestones and monuments.

After completing the workshop participants will:

·        Understand the various applications and methods for using the combination of tools and products for cleaning, repair, and maintenance contained in our Graveyard Kit.

·        Recognize where, when, and how to use our natural glue.

·        Be aware of current standards of practice and methods for grave marker conservation including a an overview of historic lime mortars.

·        Utilize condition assessments to identify needed preservation and stabilization work to protect historic grave markers.

·        Be proficient in mixing, preparing, blending, and applying Lithomex, a stone and detail patching mortar designed for historic masonry applications.

·        Know how to repair loose masonry joints and cracks.

·        Realize where, when, and how to use D/2 Biological Solution to remove lichens and fungus.

All of our workshops include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning and are held on the beautiful campus shared by and Craftwork Training Center located at 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969 (unless noted otherwise). Detailed descriptions of our workshops and a complete schedule of our 2017 programs can be found online at:

For additional information, please contact Robin Hepler at or 215-536-1776.

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