2020 Board of Directors Candidates

2020 Board of Directors Candidates


We have 6 open spots on the Board of Directors. Please review the candidates below and choose who you believe would best serve on the board of the Preservation Trades Network. To vote in the election you must be a current member of PTN.

Board Member Duties Include:
-Participate in monthly board call
-Serve on at least one committee (may have additional calls)
-Assist with planning for events
-Attend the annual Face 2 Face Meeting
-Attend the annual International Preservation Trades Workshop


Fred Aemmer, Jr.
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:

With my experience in preservation trades and a passion to pass on my knowledge to others, I could be a true asset to PTN.
Short Biography :
Fred Aemmer, Jr. is the owner of Caldwell Sash Company, LLC, specializing in the recreation of windows, molding and other woodworking to match originals for older homes and office buildings.  With over 45 years in the construction industry and a focus on historic trades in the last 38 years, Fred has been sought by Landmark Commissions, Historic Societies, and individuals hoping to restore their homes back to its original condition.  He has taught construction skills at a non-profit organization and was the Assistant Executive Director at Commonwealth Preservation Trades, teaching historic preservation trades as an employee of the Kentucky Heritage Council.  

Kayla Guidry
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
My experience with PTN has been nothing short of wonderful thus far.  Becoming a part of this community was one of my favorite parts of 2019.  I see the board of directors work hard to provide positive and educational experiences for its members and it has really paid off. At the events I have attended, I did what I could to help, but was left with a feeling of wanting to do more.  I enjoy and believe in what this organization is about and I would love to volunteer my time and energy.
Short Biography:
Kayla Guidry is preservation carpenter residing in south Louisiana where she restores and maintains 18th and 19th century structures at a living history museum.  She was awarded a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Construction Management from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She began her carpentry career shortly after finishing her BFA where she learned general carpentry.  This path eventually led to becoming the restoration specialist for Vermilionville Living History & Folk Life Park. She has a passion for art, architecture, and preservation. Something of even greater importance to her is constant learning, and the sharing of that knowledge and skill with others.

Sarah Marie Jackson
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
I have enjoyed my time serving on the PTN Board of Directors for the last few years and would like to continue the work for another term. During my time on the board we celebrated our 20th anniversary and held an IPTW in Stirling, Scotland in partnership with Historic Environment. PTN has had its ups and downs, but I think we have learned from our issues and grown stronger from them. During my time on the board I have worked to bridge the generations that are part of the organization. I have worked hard connect with the younger generation coming into the trades and bring back some of the older generation who have drifted away. We can only strengthen our knowledge and skills by passing on the information to those coming up in the trades. I have also worked at growing our partnerships by working with the National Trust for Historic Preservation HOPE Crew and connecting PTN members to assist as trades experts on various projects. I have worked on the planning of the last several IPTW, but going forward would like to concentrate on smaller hands-on workshops and let other board members gain experience and bring their skills to planning the larger conference. I would also like to see more interaction with our members and am open to suggestions. Our website has been an issue and we are working to get the content updated and would love to share information from the members. I feel like the board and the organization is in a good place now and it time to plan for the future.
Short Biography:
I attended my first IPTW in 2006 in New Orleans, Louisiana and somehow ended up doing a short presentation on limewash. It was suggested by a PTN member, another one let me join their demonstration and helped my pull together materials. I feel like this was the best introduction to PTN with everyone pulling together to help each other. During the government shutdown in 2019 so many friends I have met through PTN reached out to see how I was doing. 
I was at National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training for 14 years as an architectural conservator and last year left for a position in Washington, D.C. with another government agency. I have demonstrated on limewash, bousillage, and scagliola over the years at various PTN events. I renovated my first house which was a 1910s cottage and restored all the windows. In 2019 I worked on several houses in Louisiana helping the owners restore their historic wood windows. Even with all the windows work my first love is still lime building materials.
When I am not exploring old buildings I am spending time with my daughter (sometimes in old buildings), rescuing dogs, traveling, taking pictures, hiking, or relaxing with a good book.  

Peter Janko
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
I figure it's how I can best help in keeping our heritage from being lost forever.
Short Biography :
Historic lighting restoration actually represents my third career change. My first career was at a major accounting firm performing market share analysis of various industries and forecasting future trends within those industries. My second career change took me to a fortune 500 manufacturer of high tech communications equipment where most products were designed to military standards. The background acquired in structural and materials properties would later come to be invaluable the field of historic lighting restoration. If there was ever a field where one has to be somewhat of a "country doctor", it is historic lighting restoration. You work with materials which may not have been used for 50-75 years such as 1) different metals - sheet and cast - involving soldering, brazing, and welding; 2) a variety of plastics, glass, and crystal; 3) wood; 4) different finishes - plating and painting, spray painting and hand brush painting; 5) even fabrics; as well as 6) electrical wiring and keeping up with the latest lighting technologies and UL requirements.

Leslie Price
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
I have been a member of PTN for over 10 years, ever since I learned about it when I went to Belmont. I have presented both hands-on demonstrations and educational sessions at the yearly IPTW, which I try never to miss but must due to geography sometimes. I love the work that PTN does. Education in the trades is critical, if we are to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations. I believe deeply in the cause and would be honored to serve the organization that I have in fact come to know and love. Also, as a former community organizer, I believe that I can contribute significantly in the arena of advocacy and event planning for PTN.

Short Biography:
I am an independent Historic Preservation Specialist in Muncie, Indiana. I worked for Architecture & Community Heritage of Fort Wayne, and the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology for a combined total of seven years. Their focus was on community education and preservation advocacy, while concurrently completing the architectural survey of historic resources in the county. I have a MSHP from Ball State University with minors in urban planning and energy studies, and an AAS from Belmont Technical College. I sincerely believe that preserving cultural heritage through education, advocacy and architectural conservation is the best way to revitalize struggling communities. My passion is educating people about the inherent passive solar characteristics of historic buildings. My specialty is energy conservation in historic buildings, but I also restore stained glass. I have hands-on experience in the decorative arts such as finish carpentry, anaglyphta, mold-making, hand-made tiles and historic stencils. Additionally, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Iowa Renewable Energy Association; been certified as an energy auditor in the state of Indiana, and am a certified Green Building Professional in the United States.


Andrea Sevonty
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
PTN’s mission for traditional building trades education has never been more important than it is today. The high demand for skilled trades workers continues to increase as our master craftsmen and women retire and the younger generation can’t fill the gap that is left behind. I am 35 years old. As the working owner of a stained glass window restoration company with 12 years in the field, I have firsthand experience with many of the challenges one faces when you decide to learn the trades, do good work and make a living at it. 

Essential to restoration work is a good network and I found great resources with PTN when I attended my first IPTW in 2010. I have attended most IPTW’s since then, often as a demonstrator. I joined the board in 2017 at the Detroit IPTW as Secretary and currently serve as Vice President.

Over the last two years I have worked behind the scenes toward the growth and improvement of PTN. In addition to our biggest event, IPTW, I attended and assisted with planning for both PTN regional workshops in 2019 that expanded membership boundaries to Natchitoches, Louisiana and Louisville, Kentucky. We also tested a new event planning model that goes into effect this year. Perhaps my most memorable experience from the last two years was the great honor to attend IPTW Stirling, Scotland. I got to see the reconnection of long time PTN members that reminded me of the history of PTN and the importance of keeping our network alive. I also got to experience demonstrations in Scottish trades that I had never seen before like thatched roofing and earth building.

Over the last two years we also saw the rise and fall of the current website a few times. Right now, we are working toward a new website that will correct many organizational issues moving forward. We are almost ready to announce IPTW 2020 and look forward a great event. I hope to see you all there. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and thanks for reading!
Short Biography:
I am a preservationist, restoration artisan, and public historian. I actively work in the hands-on preservation trades field to preserve, maintain, and restore our historic buildings. I support the education of the traditional building trades, and the practical application of historic preservation in our communities built environments.

Joe Tokarsky
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
I want to learn, teach, apply, enhance, grow, and spread the philosophies, methods, and practices of the PTN in new and helpful ways.
Short Biography:
I was born in 1980 to a working class family in Cleveland, Ohio. During my childhood, I began learning about and having an interest in woodworking, and at 16, began helping with my dad's small furniture repair and refinishing business after school. After graduating high school, I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, graduating in 2002, with a BFA in Drawing. I then worked many varying jobs until focusing strictly on residential repair work in 2007. In 2014, seeking more education, inspiration, and direction, I began BPR studies at Belmont College under the tutelage of Dave Mertz and Cathie Senter, and in my first month of classes, attended my first of four IPTWs. Shortly after graduating from Belmont in 2016, I began my current position as the Maintenance and Preservation Lead at Hale Farm & Village in Bath, Ohio.

James A. Turner
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
In short, it's past time for me to give back to an organization that has given me so much over the years. I sit as the executive director of Trade school in Louisville, Kentucky that has a need to build better pathways for sustainable employment and community development. I would like assist the board in focusing on areas throughout the country that we can be a force of change in communities of need.  Providing training opportunities in which men and women can find value both within themselves and their neighborhoods as they build the communities in which they live.

Short Biography:
2015 to present
Executive Director of Commonwealth Preservation Trades
1701 West Muhammad Ali Blvd., Bldg. C
Louisville, KY 40203
Owner of Turner Restoration LLC
P. O. Box 02775
Detroit, MI 48202
Since 2000 specializing in Steel and Wood Window Restoration

Bob Yapp
Tell us why you would like to serve on the PTN Board of Directors:
I would like to give back to our community of artisans by being a board member of PTN.
I've spent my 45 year career in the preservation trades. For the last 35 years I've been training people in the preservation artisan trades and setting up preservation trade schools. As a Founder of the Window Preservation Standards Collaborative, I have had the opportunity to plan all but the last Window Summits. In my business I train not-for-profits as well as people in the preservation trades. 

Short Biography :
Bob Yapp has been involved in the restoration or rehabilitation of over 160 historic properties. In 1996 Bob produced and hosted the national, PBS series, About Your House with Bob Yapp. The 52 show series was co-underwritten by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Bob did a 4 year apprenticeship as a furniture designer & maker with the German master, Robert Krebsbach. 
Bob is one of the founding members of the national Window Preservation Standards Collaborative. He co-wrote and co-edited the new national Window Preservation Standards. Bob is President of Preservation Resources, Inc. based in Hannibal, Missouri where he founded a school for teaching hands-on preservation skills called the Belvedere School for Hands-On Preservation. 
Bob also does special restoration projects from Mt Vernon to the National Park Service.


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