2022 Board of Directors Election

2022 Board of Directors Election


PTN is happy to announce we received 3 applications for the 2022 Board of Directors Election. There are 4 open seats following a recent move by the Board to increase maximum seats from 9 to 11. The Board has also moved to a three-year term length. These changes were made in order to ease transitions on the Board after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board proposed moving forward with the election to include the membership in this process and fill the fourth seat in a future election.

The following current board members have one additional year to their two-year term to complete the new term length: Kayla Guidry, Leslie Price, Jane Radocchia, Andrea Sevonty, Joe Tokarsky, James Turner and Amanda Warren. The full three-year term begins on this election cycle.

To vote in the election you must be a current member of the Preservation Trades Network. Your email address is required to verify current memberships. Vote yes or no for each applicant and there is an option to write in a name if you choose. Bios and statements from the applicants are listed below and on the election form. 

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Natalie Henshaw (Georgia)

As Director of Historic Trades with Preservation Maryland, my main focus in workforce development. I want to serve on the PTN Board of Directors to make stronger and more systemic connections between training and historic trades careers. Preservation Maryland supports training and education efforts, and I want to serve on the Board of Directors to find ways to support working trades professionals.

Bio: Natalie has served as the Director of Historic Trades for Preservation Maryland since 2021, directing The Campaign for Historic Trades and overseeing apprenticeship registration, curriculum development, and partner relationships. Natalie earned her AAS from Savannah Technical College’s Historic Preservation and Restoration Program in 2013. During and after this program, she’s worked in hands-on preservation with various non-profits, construction companies, and federal agencies. From 2014 through 2019, Natalie worked on seasonal, cross-country projects with HistoriCorps. In 2016, she founded a preservation company in Savannah, Georgia, specializing in window restoration and historic masonry.

Natalie has also worked extensively in educational fields. She has taught after-school art classes, English in China, TEFL as an online tutor, United States and world history with Savannah Technical College (STC), and historic preservation with STC and Lamar Community College (LCC). She managed LCC’s Historic Building Trades Program. Natalie enjoys traveling and hiking, and typically follows lawful good alignment.

I've attended or presented at these past IPTW:  2018 - Frederick, MD; 2015 - Burlington, VT; 2012 - Charleston, SC


Mark Johnston (Minnesota)

The shortage of trained restoration tradespeople is critical, and this shortage threatens the gains made on behalf of historic preservation over the last 20 years. Organizations like the Preservation Trades Network are working to address this shortage while serving as an advocate for the preservation of our built heritage. I would value the opportunity to serve on the board of directors and continue these efforts. In addition to running my own restoration and consulting business, I have been active locally teaching classes on topics such as historic finishes, window restoration, plaster and masonry. I have also worked with several organizations and schools to train young people and encourage them to enter the field. I am encouraged to see growing interest in the preservation trades and am committed to encouraging more to consider them as a career. I hope to help the PTN establish professional standards and urge more schools to offer training. I am also interested in developing a process where people who are either beginning their professional lives or changing careers can more easily enter the field.

Bio: I was raised in a small, farm community in northwest Iowa and moved to Minnesota for college. I started my company Historic Design Consulting in 2007 after completing my graduate work in History at the University of Minnesota and a certificate in historic preservation. My company offers a range of consulting and hands-on preservation services, including window restoration, plaster, masonry, restoration carpentry, and historic finishes.

I've attended or presented at these past IPTW: None yet but looking forward to it!


Phil Mark (Virginia)

Back in 2009 I presented a paper titled "Bridging the Gap between the Preservation Trades and Academic Services at Historic Sites and House Museums" and as a board member I would like to expand on this. One way I would I try to accomplish this is to reach out to other historic sites and encourage their involvement. As historic house museums we have a collective issue of finding crafts people that are able to perform the needed work at our sites. I strongly believe that bringing these sites into the PTN family would be a great benefit to all of us.

Another item that I would like to work on as a board member is to make younger members and new members feel welcome, especially at the IPTW's. I have always found it difficult at these events to feel part of the group and to work my way into conversations. I feel strongly that if we want this organization to grow and thrive we need to be welcoming to all who want to be part of it. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is done on purpose but it is something that should be addressed. One quick idea I have had it to start some type of "buddy system" where new member are paired with a veteran member for a IPTW, and the veteran can help introduce the new member and just help through out the weekend.

I hope I am given the chance to help this organization move forward and grow.

Bio: Phil Mark received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public History from Western Michigan University in 2000 and an Associate of Applied Science from Belmont College (formerly Belmont Technical College) in 2003. He began his preservation career conducting federal law compliance with the Georgia Department of Transportation before pursuing his hands-on preservation training. Phil began his historic house museum career at George Washington’s Mount Vernon as the Restoration Specialist from 2004 to 2006. During his time at Mount Vernon he worked on numerous preservation projects, including the restoration of the Gardener’s House, rustication of the Mansion, and the restoration of Martha Washington’s Garret Bedchamber. Following his time at Mount Vernon, Phil spent a year working with a historic restoration/conservation contractor, Bryan Blundell, working on historically significant buildings in Washington, D.C. These structures included the National Gallery of Art and St. John's Church, Lafayette Square.

Phil is currently the Director of Preservation & Maintenance at Stratford Hall, where he is responsible for the overall preservation of the historic structures, including the Great House and the maintenance of all structures. Since starting at Stratford Hall in September of 2007, Phil has managed the restoration of the Northwest Stair Passage, Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber and the completion of a Historic Structures Report along with the everyday activities of the Preservation Department. The Department currently runs a summer internship program where students can gain field experience in hands-on preservation in a museum setting.

Phil lives on site at Stratford Hall with his wife Elizabeth and three kids; Nessa 10, Robbie 8 and Finn 6.

I've attended or presented at these past IPTW:  2014 - St. Clairsville, OH; 2011 - Lancaster, PA; 2009 - Leadville, CO;  2008 - Barre, VT.

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