Virtual Preservation Trades Workshop

PTN is excited to be returning to an in-person event for 2021 International Preservation Trades Workshop, but the board has also been working on a virtual workshop to stay connected with our members and reach a broader audience.

Rob Cagnetta from Heritage Restoration in Providence, RI will be discussing historic doors and weatherstipping. Chuck Jones with Historic Environment Scotland will go over the process of going from a stone in the ground to a block used in construction. Jim Turner of Turner Restoration cover the process of restoring steel windows.

Demonstrators will be available at the end of their sessions to answer questions.


Supporting traditional trades and sharing knowledge should be available to an many people as possible and our hope is that with this virtual event that more people will be able to log in to learn from some of our favorite long-time demonstrators.



Rob Cagnetta - Door Weatherstripping

Historic doors are the most cherished, and abused, architectural features of an old building. Yet many disregard how remarkable an old door is, dismissing them because they do not function or they are drafty. This session will breakdown how to assess a door, fix it to functionality, as well as how to fix metal interlocking weather stripping or add new styles of weather stripping. The session will be lead by Robert Cagnetta of Heritage Restoration Inc. of Providence RI, and he will be joined by some of the craftspeople doing the work for Heritage. Leave your problems at the door!


Chuck Jones -Stone Rocks to Ashlar Blocks

The process work at the stone quarry today is much the same as it was 1000 years ago, stone is extracted and worked square and sent to site for further embellishment and to be built. A fundamental change happened here with the introduction of saw machinery around the 19th century and stone could now be passed through a saw to work the surface flat. The stone could be rotated and further sawn until all sides are flat and the stone cubed. With that, the practice of squaring a block on site reduced, and today it is almost a redundant site practice and requirement. The practice of squaring a block was always the starting point of any masonry training by providing important understandings about the selection of the geological, the nature of the stone, the tools and equipment and the important hand skills that this repetitive process provided for trainees to become competent in their craft. Chuck Jones will talk through why these skills, and knowledge is still required and covered in stonemasonry training today despite the apparent widespread use of saw machinery. Chuck will work through the process of selecting the stone, splitting and then the process of squaring a block into cubed ashlar and applying a traditional worked finish.


Jim Turner - A Homeowner's Steel Casement Workshop: How to remove, strip, prime, glaze and paint.

The steel window workshop is designed for home owners with steel casement windows that want to try their hand at completely restoring their casement windows. We will start with an evaluation of the unit and surrounding trim, determine an approach that shows the client how the units are installed in their wall and the best method to remove glazing, paint and rust. Finally we will re-install unit into the opening after it has been primed, painted and re-glazed.


We hope you can join us on July 16, 2021 for our event.



9:00-9:15 am Introduction

9:15 - 10:30 am Demo 1

10:30 - 10:45 am Break

10:45- 12:00 pm Demo 2

12:00-12:30 pm Lunch

12:30-1:45 pm Demo 3

1:45 - 2:00 pm Closing Remarks


The video link will be sent to participants the 24 hours prior to the start of the event.


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