Field Documentation for Project Planning

NCPTT, the Friends of NCPTT, the Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC), Heritage Documentation Programs, and the Preservation Trades Network will offer a three-day workshop on field documentation and the methods needed for project planning. Experts will work with participants to increase their understanding of various types of documentation and what methods are best utilized for field documentation to assist in project planning. Hands on training will be provided in field sketching, photography, building measurement, and documenting existing conditions.

The workshop will be held at Clermont Farm in Berryville, Virginia. Clermont Farm is a 360-acre research and training site in history, historic preservation, and agriculture, owned by the Department of Historic Resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The farm and the foundation were a gift to the people of Virginia by Elizabeth Rust Williams in 2004. The main study of the workshop will be the Spring House that is scheduled for stabilization work during the International Preservation Trades Workshop in September.

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