Window Preservation Summit II

The National Window Preservation Standards Collaborative

Window Preservation Summit II

The Business of Window Preservation

The business of preserving & weatherizing old and historic windows is emerging as one of the fastest growing segments of the historic preservation, artisan trades industry. The national Window Preservation Standards Collaborative (WPSC) is a modern day artisan trades guild with over 200 participants. The WPSC has taken on the task of dispelling the myths perpetrated by the replacement window industry through their disingenuous marketing.

Today there are window preservation companies and individual artisans in every state in America. Yet, for over 50 years the disposable replacement window industry has owned the narrative about windows. They have replaced as much as 65% of America’s historic windows with unsustainable, unrepairable and substandard windows.

If we are to preserve the remaining 35% of old and historic windows, we need to take our businesses to the next level. It’s time to take the narrative back and to do so we need to learn from each other how to run our businesses effectively.

In 2011 the WPSC held the first National Window Preservation Summit at the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Pine Mountain, Kentucky in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. The results were astounding. We established with practical work and scientific testing that weatherized old and historic, wooden double hung and steel casement windows exceed the 2009 & 2012 International Energy & Conservation Codes for air infiltration. The results were published in the Window Preservation Standards book in 2013, along with peer reviewed best practices for the preservation and weatherization of historic windows.

Window Preservation Summit II concentrates on three aspects of the window preservation:

  • The business of window preservation
  • Best practices for preservation & weatherization
  • Air infiltration testing

Full Registration includes:

  • Access to all the sessions and hands-on events
  • Dorm room with shared bath for five nights
  • Three meals a day

Cost:  Full registration for the four-day conference is $595, with lodging and meals.

Where:  The Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies (CC) in Mt Carroll, Illinois

When: September 2015

Sunday the 13th, travel day, evening BBQ
Monday the 14th through Thursday the 17th, Summit II activities
Friday the 18th, travel day, breakfast only

 Sunday the 13th, the day before the Summit, is the travel day and is the day everyone arrives for a barbeque Sunday evening. Summit sessions and demonstrations are Monday September 14 through Thursday September 17. Friday the 18th, is the travel day to go home with breakfast only.


  • CC offers 45 rooms with shared bathroom facilities in the 1960s dormitory.
  • Camping with RVs or tents on the CC campus
  • Two B & B’s are close by and can take a total of 10 people
  • Super 8 Motel about a 1/2 hour away in Savannah, Illinois
  • Dates: Monday September 13 through Thursday September 18

Summit II Details:

Sessions, Workshops & Training (preliminary topics)

Kick Off. Bob Yapp, Co-Founder of the WPSC

Business of Window Preservation. Session leader, Rob Cagnetta with Alison Hardy and others, audience participation, Q & A

Taking Back the Narrative. Dispelling the Myths: Marketing Window Preservation, Bob Yapp, Q & A

Business of Window Maintenance. Causes of deterioration, typical treatments, how to make money on simple repairs & maintenance, John Leeke, Q & A

Field Training as a Business. Classroom instruction, Bob Yapp, Q & A

Lead-Safe Regulations. Working with the EPA’s RRP program, classroom instruction, Sharon Ferraro with others, Q & A

Lead-Safe Operations. Shop-related lead paint management ideas, real world experiences, classroom discussion, session leader Sharon Ferraro with others, Q & A

Mid-Century Window Preservation. Hands-on demonstration of weatherization on aluminum sliding windows at a 1960s dormitory, instructor Jim Turner

Making Wooden Storm Windows. Hands-on training, instructor Bob Yapp, a full day with maximum of 12 students

Steam Paint & Putty Removal. Hands-on demonstration with Duffy Hoffman

Infrared Paint & Putty Removal. Hands-on demonstration with Bob Yapp & Duffy Hoffman

Sash Repair. Wood dutchman, wood-epoxy repair, metal pinning, wood pegging, muntins, hands-on instruction with David Gibney and others.

Steel Window Preservation. Demonstration & hands-on instruction with Jim Turner and John Seekircher

Sash Glazing. Various methods, hands-on demonstrations, workshop leader John Leeke, Chris Gustafson assistant, with others, show us your technique and how it works for you

Glazing Putty Technology. A look at putty science and results of current field testing and laboratory testing, session leader John Leeke with Chris Gustafson assisting, and Ed Fitzgerald from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, Q&A

Social Media & Your Business. How to integrate social media into your marketing, with Scott Sidler, Q&A

Documenting Historic Windows. Recording construction details, conditions and work done, instructor Amy McAuley, Q&A

Building Window Sash with Hand Tools. Hands-on demonstration and instruction with Amy McAuley, Q&A

Weatherization Testing: Air infiltration testing on Mid-Century aluminum sliding windows and new wooden storms, testing by Jim Nelson, preliminary results presented with Q&A

Get Real on the Patio. Social party and bull session every evening

Documentation: We will be shooting video and voice recording all sessions.

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