IPTW 2018 - Demonstrator Proposal Form

October 26-28, Frederick, Maryland
SAVE THE DATE! IPTW 2018 will be held in Frederick, Maryland, October 26-28
Being a demonstrator or presenter at an IPTW is a great way to share your skills and knowledge and increase your visibility as a leader in the preservation trades. If you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge with the PTN community please read the presenter guidelines below. You may submit a proposal using the online form.

Demonstrator and Presenter Benefits

  • Visibility as an educator and leader in the preservation trades
  • One assistant free (no admission cost)
  • Session write-up with contact info/logo will remain on the website after the event.
  • Networking opportunities to build professional, business and social relationships

Setup will be on Thursday October 25 and demonstrations will be held on Friday, October 26 through October 27. You will need to demonstrate at least twice and will have the option to specify your preference if desired though we cannot guarantee a particular slot until the demonstrator schedule is finalized. Full details will be provided in the course of your acceptance.

Please review the demonstrator guidelines before submitting a proposal form.

Demonstrator Guidelines

Note: due to the large number of demonstrators and presenters, PTN does not normally offer honoraria or support for travel expenses.  Exceptions may be made under rare and unusual circumstances, and require a letter explaining the need and justification for the requested support which must be submitted at the same time as the demonstration proposal.  These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the event organizers.

Submission Guidelines and Evaluation of Proposals

Demonstrators should have a strong background in the traditional building trades, as well as the ability to convey their techniques and skills in a way that highlights the diversity, vitality and relevance of the traditional trades and contributes to their understanding and practice. The IPTW is an interdisciplinary event designed to attract participants of  many backgrounds, ages and skill levels including tradespeople, allied disciplines, students and interested members of the public. 

The primary purpose of the International Preservation Trades Workshop and other PTN events and workshops is to provide a venue for "hands on" demonstrations and sharing of trades knowledge, skills and practice.  Traditional conference type sessions on related topics are also welcome, but the main emphasis is on actual demonstrations, or in some instances on-going project work at a specific conference site or venue. 

Demonstrators may not use their sessions specifically as a vehicle for marketing proprietary products or services. 

Demonstrations and presentations typically take place in 90-minute concurrent sessions.  Each session is generally repeated 2 times during the 2-day conference period to allow the maximum number of people to attend.

Proposals will be evaluated by the event organizers using the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of the proposal and potential to contribute to a well-balanced program
  • Potential for significant contributions to the understanding and practice of the traditional trades
  • Practical applications of materials, techniques, and trades skills
  • Interdisciplinary relevance and broad application to conservation of cultural heritage and the built environment
  • Experience of the demonstrator/presenter


Requirements for Demonstration or Presentation Proposals

Presenters are required to complete the Demonstration Proposal Form by clicking the button below, including the following information:

  • Complete contact information (name, title, business, phone, fax, e-mail)
  • Proposed session title and abstract.  The abstract should identify; key issues and topics, what your audience will learn and why they should attend your session
  • A detailed list of any tools, equipment or materials that will be required for your session that you will not be able to provide at the workshop site
  • A short biographical statement detailing your experience and accomplishments.  Note: if you will have more than one person working with you during your session you must provide full contact information and a biographical statement for each additional demonstrator.


The Preservation Trades Network reserves the right to edit session titles and descriptions for clarity and marketability.  Selection of demonstrators and presenters is subject to the decision of the event organizing group and not all proposals will be accepted.  You will receive an immediate notification via e-mail that your proposal has been received, and you will be contacted by the event organizers regarding the status of your proposal.  Use the button below to enter and send your Demonstration Proposal Form via e-mail.

Demonstrator Proposal Form

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