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Marie Taylor

True North Preservation, LLC


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True North Preservation, LLC
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I own and operate a historic window and door restoration business that is based out of St. Louis, Missouri. While I specialize primarily in windows, I would like to expand in the future to include more woodworking services. I'm interested in joining the PTN to understand what other professionals are doing across the country and to learn from experts in the field of historic preservation and restoration. I am particularly interested in promoting women in the trades and expanding its access to groups that may have been historically excluded.
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Marie Taylor is the owner and operator of True North Preservation, a window and door restoration company that serves the greater state of Missouri. As a born-and-raised Detroiter who now makes her home in Missouri, Marie Taylor received her Bachelor of Science in History, Anthropology, and Museum Studies from Central Michigan University. After graduating and moving to St. Louis, Marie earned her Master of Arts degree in History from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. It was during that time that she began working in restoration and found her true passion. She's worked for various organizations including the National Archives, the Detroit History Museum, and working as a window restoration specialist in Detroit. After working as an Architectural Historian for the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office, she decided to get back into the trades and open up her own shop. In 2022, True North Preservation was created and Marie hasn't looked back.

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