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The PTN seeks demonstrations in the following preservation trades: masonry, plaster, windows and doors, joinery, carpentry and timber framing, roofing, metalwork, decorative finishes, design, and business.

Demonstrator Criteria:

PTN's goal is to advance the traditional building trades while emphasizing the importance of historic preservation and the restoration of cultural resources. Demonstrators should have proficiency in skills relevant to the traditional building trades and be able to convey their skills, knowledge, and craft to visitors of varying backgrounds.

How to Apply:

Please complete the following application or submit application materials to

All demonstrator applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and scheduled according to available time slots. Selected demonstrators will be notified upon acceptance.


Event Specifics

When: October 10th-12th, 2024, with additional workshops on October 9th, 2024.

Where: Re:Purpose Savannah, 2302 E Gwinnett Street, Savannah, Georgia

Setup is Wednesday, October 9th, with demonstrations held Thursday through Saturday.

Participants demonstrate at least twice. You will have the opportunity to specify your preferred date and times. Please note that the PTN Board of Directors may be unable to accommodate all requests.

Evening activities will be held in downtown Savannah, including an opening night welcome reception on Wednesday, October 9th; PTN Pub Crawl on Thursday, October 10th; and Banquet/Auction on Friday, October 11th.

In addition to the outstanding tradespeople from around the globe, the IPTW will showcase local artisans and help them connect to a broader network of preservation professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IPTW welcomes demonstrators who are new the organization and demonstrating. You can read Dr. Gerard Lynch's "Handy Hints on Teaching through Practical Demonstrations" on our blog for ideas on how the plan and implement a demonstration. 

I've never been to an IPTW before. What's it like?
IPTWs are by and for tradespeople, but everyone interested in the trades is welcome to join. A multitude of trades are represented – blacksmithing, stained glass, timber framing, plastering, window restoration, woodworking, stonework, masonry, and more. Each trades has a station and several stations will host demonstrations simultaneously. Attendees can visit different ones as they like. Demonstrations are often hands-on, letting attendees interact and practice. Although there are non-trades demonstrations, IPTW is unlike many traditional conferences that have panel discussions or paper presentations.

What is the format for demonstrations?
Demonstrators typically are scheduled for two or three 75 minute sessions during the conference. They present on a focused topic in their profession, usually with a combination of discussions, demonstrations, and interactivity with the participants. These are guidelines and the board is willing to
work through demonstrators’ ideas and needs.

What is the audience like?
Most people who attend IPTWs are professional, emerging, or prospective tradespeople or their professional allies and colleagues. The environment we foster is supportive and collaborative, where everyone can contribute to collective knowledge. Sessions usually have 10 - 30 people engaged in them, and people are free to move between sessions. Attendees tend to respond well to opportunities to participate in the session.

What are the logistics?
There are usually 4 - 6 simultaneous presentations happening in outdoor spaces under 10’ x 20’ tents with folding tables and chairs. Weather can impact demonstrations – relocating to more sheltered areas or setting up rain barriers to continue outdoors. Attendees to IPTW typically wear work clothes and are ready to participate in tradeswork. Upon request, we can supply you with electricity or water. Demonstrators will have assistance setting up and breaking down.

Does PTN supply tools or materials for demonstrators?
Typically not. Demonstrators bring the tools, equipment, and materials needed for their demonstration, as they know what they need for these. PTN does not have a physical headquarters and is all volunteer-run, so we are limited in space and funds to provide tools and materials for a large variety of trades. PTN can help coordinate with local suppliers and advanced delivery of needed supplies, and sometimes the host location can help provide tools or materials. Since this is dependent on the location and host, we do not make any guarantees about this.

How do I become a demonstrator?
First, apply to the Google Form. The PTN Board will review your application and let you know if you are approved as a demonstrator.

How does scheduling work?
As a demonstrator, we ask that you demonstrate for 150 - 300 minutes total. This can mean two to four sessions at 75 minutes each, or a half-day demonstration depending on your set-up.

The PTN Board will schedule demonstrators for the event based on demonstrators' availability and preference, balanced with the scheduling needs of the event. Typically, the first approved demonstrator applicants get their choice of time slots.

I’m interested but not sure what to present. Can I get some help before submitting an application?
Absolutely! PTN has a roster of frequent and former demonstrators that would be happy to talk through ideas with you, as well as board members. Email us at, find a past demonstrator on the PTN member page to ask, and/or join our PTN Members Facebook group to reach out to people.

Can I see some past examples for ideas on sessions?
You can see past IPTW programs on our Publications page and see photos from past IPTWs on our Flickr page and Facebook page. You can find links to those platforms in the footer of our website.

When do I need to be at the IPTW?
Demonstrators are asked to arrive the day before IPTW starts to see the site, prepare for day-of logistics, and enjoy the evening Welcome Reception. We understand that this isn’t always possible for people, so it is not required.

What do I receive for my work as a demonstrator?
Demonstrators receive free admission to IPTW, Welcome Reception, Auction Dinner, an annual PTN membership, and are featured on PTN platforms. At this time, PTN does not offer any type of compensation to demonstrators such as honoraria or travel stipends.

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